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Moroni Andrea. Motiongraphics designer, Art director, consultancy.

Research, design, coordination of the production phases, finalization of the project are my strengths in which I can express precision, organization, speed and manage the team’s ideas to the final cut.


PRESS - CAPITAL FINANCIAL MAGAZINE. Illustration for the last four munbers

MEDIA - GENTLEMAN ITALIA. Motiongraphic commercial special event:

ADVERTISMENT - 50th moon lading aniversary” for Gentleman Italia. On Air on Class CNBC, Telesia, Instagram

CINEMA - Motiongraphic ADV for UCI Cinema , Space Cinema

BROADCAST - Re-branding & upgrade  SD /HD of HorseTV HD channel 221 on SKY,

CULTURE - Documentary  "The Venexian Women"

CHARITY - Pro Youth Football Tournament SummerCup2018/2019/2020



-Design and creation of the motiongraphics supporting the production chain.

-Working closely with the graphic department to create motion graphics from static layout of marketing campaigns.

-Audio and video editing of television programs.

-Programming and broadcasting of all the contents created.

-Creation of new TV channels in the specific realization of channel logos, news openers, program codes and graphics,

station breaks, teasers, bumpers, self and cross promotions, commercials.

-Consulting and control of the productions made by external studios in collaboration.

-Implementation of the coordinated image and brand design.

-Creation of contents for social networks and website.

-UI / UX design for mobile and web apps.

-Creation of contents offset for magazine pages and events.

-Design and creation of the motion graphics for commercial partners.

VOX 24 PROJECT - all news broadcast channel -

Master in Motion Graphic & Brand Design

IED Milano 2016

VOX 24 PROJECT - all news broadcast channel -

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2d animations, Video editing/VFX, audio editing